About Colab INC

CoLab INC is an educational nonprofit focused on fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship across a wide range of disciplines. Funded by industry leaders, CoLab facilitates regular conferences, pitch events, and one-on-one coaching sessions to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

While CoLab INC is a faith-based organization, we acknowledge that not all who attend our events come from a religious background. Above all our goal is to help nonprofits impact their community in a positive way. In the schedule, you may see opportunities for worship. While this is optional we welcome participation. 

CoLab Inc. is funded by donors who want to help nonprofits grow their organization.

Thank you to our sponsors! 

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What is CoLab Inc Nonprofit Boot Camp? 


CoLab INC's founder, Fred Cornforth, has been involved in the nonprofit field for over 25 years and has identified a need to help nonprofits become more successful. Among Fred's contributions, we find the launching of many foundations such as the People of Peru Project, Love Heals Free Clinics and Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition among others. 


Fred aims to bring awareness to founders and executive directors of the two common mistakes that hurt most small to mid-sized nonprofits :

  1. Broken Trust: caused when organizations use donations for other, non-intended purposes.

  2. Lack of Skills:  finding people who will complement the organizations' skill set by strengthening their weaknesses. 


We help nonprofit organizations establish a fundraising plan to generate a steady stream of donations that will impact more lives in their community.